Slow Mornings and Fast Weekends

Slow Mornings There is something about waking naturally, rather than to the sound of an alarm or the radio. It always makes the mornings seem much more relaxed, even if they do start at the usual time of 7am (Yes, we are VERY lucky!). My favourite part of the school holidays is losing the rush to [...]

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The End of the Baby Years

A few days ago we had Ava's home visit, ready for her 'stay and play' sessions in September, ahead of her starting nursery two days a week. Her key worker asked was how was I feeling about September. It's a question I hadn't given much thought. September is a massive change for all children, a new [...]

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Strawberries, strawberries, everywhere!

If there is one thing that our short time as allotmenteer's taught us, it was to embrace the seasons and all that they bring. Its easy to take food for granted, because we have an affordable, continuous supply in our supermarkets. I remember last year when there was a shortage of courgettes in the shops [...]

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Celebrating the end of the school year

Our life has been really fast paced recently, mostly because of our ongoing kitchen renovation. It will definitely be worth it, but the early mornings and late nights have been really hard. Ava has suffered from night terrors all the way through too, maybe because of the upheaval. Our kitchen has had a complete replaster, [...]

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When is a broken elbow, not a broken elbow?

When is a broken elbow, not a broken elbow? That's the question we are still asking ourselves. A few weeks ago, I wrote about the night Amy hurt her arm on bonfire night. She was swinging between the arms of our two sofas and fell onto her elbow. The next day her arm had almost [...]

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Not The Bonfire Night We Expected.

Bonfire night is one of the nights I remember quite vividly from my childhood. The happy faces, the chill in the air and the smell of jacket potatoes in the oven. Some years we had our own fireworks at the bottom of my Grandparents garden. I remember some years watching the fireworks opposite our house [...]

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