A Family Portrait In October {2016}

October has been an ordinary month in our house, and its SO nice to be able to say that. We have settled into a good routine with school, Avas teeth have cut through and shes been much happier and thankfully sleeping better, which has ment that everyone else has been sleeping better too. Whoooo! Oops, [...]

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A Family Portrait In September {2016}

I feel like September arrived and disappeared in a flash. I had been anxious about September's arrival, it marked a huge amount of change for our little family. In Spring we made the difficult decision to move schools to a smaller, brand new school opening nearby. James and Lily were really settled and happy at [...]

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A Family Portrait In August {2016}

We have had an AMAZING august. We started the month by spending two gorgeous weeks in cornwall, followed by a good mix of days out, relaxing days at home and catching up with friends. Our Holiday To Cornwall We have some fantastic memories from our holiday to cornwall. We took four children, aged 6 and [...]

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A Family Portrait In March {2016}

In February, I wrote about our month being filled with Chicken Pox, we continued the theme into March, with my two littlest ladies getting it. Everyone says its much easier to deal with when they are babies, but for us that wasnt the case! Ava was our worst affected, and the poor thing couldn't even [...]

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A Family Portrait In February {2016}

February has been a strange old month for us. We celebrated Mr T's birthday at the beginning of the month, with a child free night at the cinema & TGI's. It was our first child free night in quite a few years, and we both really enjoyed it, and vowed we should make it a [...]

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A Family Portrait In January {2016}

I think January has a bad reputation. It follows a month filled with love and alcohol, where everyone spends and eats far too much (or is that just me?) It's still cold and wet outside, and there is no sign of spring. Despite all that, I think that its one of my favourite months of [...]

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A Family Portrait In December {2015}

I really can't believe that it's the end of 2015. We spent a good proportion time this year wishing the year away, it felt like such a big mountain to climb but here we are on the other side, happier and stronger. We celebrated the arrival of Ava in May, after an extremely hard pregnancy, [...]

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A Family Portrait In November {2015}

Novembers been a funny old month. I think its taken us until November to truly setting into our new routine of school for my eldest two and nursery for Amy. Ava turned six months old this month, and I am so excited for the next 6 months as I know there are some huge developmental [...]

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A Family Portrait In October {2015}

I love and hate this time of year in equal measures. I love the colours and crunchy leaves that come with the change in seasons, I love finding the snuggly autumn clothes out of the bottom of the wardrobes and wearing boots. But there's just something about the nights drawing in, and it being dark [...]

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A Family Portrait In September {2015}

We celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary earlier this month by visiting one of our favourite National Trust properties. It was our first full day trip since Mr T's back operation and it has to be my favourite day out in at months, Mr T wasn't in pain and the children were all happy, relaxed and [...]

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