5 Benefits of a Minimalist Life

We are about two years into our minimalist journey, and it really has had a huge impact on our lives, so much so I wanted to share the benefits we have found. When I talk about minimalism, I often refer to it as a 'journey', it's something we still work on every day.  Even after [...]

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Strawberries, strawberries, everywhere!

If there is one thing that our short time as allotmenteer's taught us, it was to embrace the seasons and all that they bring. Its easy to take food for granted, because we have an affordable, continuous supply in our supermarkets. I remember last year when there was a shortage of courgettes in the shops [...]

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Happy Hummus With Crunchy Carrots

Its super quick and easy to make, cheap and full of nutrients; hummus has quickly become one of our favourite dips to have readily prepared in the fridge. The main ingredients are chickpeas, and at the moment a 400g tin is a mere 33p at Aldi, its much fresher & cheaper than shop-bought hummus. There [...]

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Financial Freedom In November 2016

I am sharing our journey to financial freedom and hoping that some of the things we share are useful to others. We are in the middle of our journey to pay off our mortgage debt and we still have several years before we are mortgage free. Seven years ago when we began our journey [...]

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Free Meal Planning Printable

Meal planning is a great way of saving both time and money. It means we waste less food, and spend less time and money at the shops! Win -win, right? The beauty of meal planning is that there are no rules. We create a plan for the week but then mix and match days depending [...]

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An Autumn River Walk

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth” This year we have spent the first few weeks of Autumn indoors snuggling up, drinking hot drinks, nursing colds, watching films and recovering from long weeks at school, so this weekend we decided to go for a walk to blow off [...]

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Chocolate, Courgette and Almond Traybake

A cake made with courgette might sound unusual, but the courgette gives the cake a lovely moist texture. This recipe uses dark chocolate and almonds, the dark chocolate makes it deliciously rich the almonds add a beautiful slightly nutty crunch. We always have a glut of courgettes at this time of year, the more you [...]

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Minimalism – Our Journey So Far

Our journey into minimalism started around 6 months ago. I was struggling with anxiety and depression, and I knew I had to make some positive changes to our lifestyle. I was in denial about this for a long time, I felt ashamed. I had a beautiful healthy family, a supportive husband and a comfortable home. [...]

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Why we choose to live on a small income

Long term readers of my blog, (Hi, Mr T) will know that our mission is to be mortgage free by forty, which probably makes us sound quite wealthy, but we are just a ordinary family of six. We overpay our mortgage by living simply and being careful with our finances. We decided that early on [...]

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