In short: minimalism is intentionality.
Its the removal of the distractions in our lives so we can focus on the things we truly value.

5 Benefits of a Minimalist Life

We are about two years into our minimalist journey, and it really has had a huge impact on our lives, so much so I wanted to share the benefits we have found. When I talk about minimalism, I often refer to it as a 'journey', it's something we still work on every day.  Even after [...]

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Minimalism – Our Journey So Far

Our journey into minimalism started around 6 months ago. I was struggling with anxiety and depression, and I knew I had to make some positive changes to our lifestyle. I was in denial about this for a long time, I felt ashamed. I had a beautiful healthy family, a supportive husband and a comfortable home. [...]

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6 Ways That Minimalism Helped Me Cope With Anxiety and Depression

Since Ava's birth eight months ago, I have been finding life hard. It was mostly due to no sleep, four children aged 6 and under, having an endless list of work to do and having no time for myself.  I felt like I was trying to keep too many plates spinning, and dropping them all. [...]

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