Our little home – Plans for the future

It will be nine years since we moved into our house this summer. We moved in on a summers day in August and I remember the house felt so big. We were so excited to make it our home, and start a family. It was mostly decorated in neutral colours throughout and has front and back gardens. It has 2 double bedrooms, a smaller bedroom, a good sized living room with a bow window and a huge dining kitchen. We had previously been living together with Mr Ts parents; having so much space to ourselves felt amazing.

A Life Changing Year

In September (a month after we moved in to our new home) we said our wedding vows and became Mr & Mrs, and by December we discovered we were pregnant with James. The nine years that followed have been pretty crazy too, we brought 4 tiny newborn babies home and watched them grow into beautiful children.

The house hasn’t changed much in the time we have lived here! We bought just before the recession hit and within months we were paying an high mortgage and were in negative equity by thousands.

Then our income dropped when I went on maternity leave, and again when I stopped work to become stay at home and care for the children.

In the first few years our income was so low, and our bills so high that when I rang debt charity, they told us we were  living in poverty. We we really struggling, and at our lowest I remember sobbing myself to sleep at night, but I was determined to get rid of the debt.

We have never regretted buying our home despite all this, we were just very grateful for a chance to be on the property ladder, and we thought this would be our ‘forever home’.

Debt free, and a new goal.

We cut back as much as we could and threw every spare penny at the debt. By 2015, seven years after signing the mortgage agreement we became debt free (except our mortgage).

We decided pay our debt payment to overpay our mortgage. We discovered we would be mortgage free almost 10 years earlier, and we would save thousands in interest. And so our dream of being ‘mortgage free by forty’ was born, and we started overpaying the mortgage.

But is staying here the right answer?

Recently I have been questioning our dream to pay the mortgage off so quickly, because we think we might more space in the future. That means we would need a bigger mortgage to finance a bigger house.

The house that felt so big and spacious when we first moved now feels much smaller. The main potential problem is that our three girls share a bedroom and James has the smallest room to himself. It works well now with small children, but how will it handle teenagers (I dread to think!) or even four young adults?

Thinking of ‘bigger’ really leaves me feeling a bit unsettled if Im really honest. I know our little home is enough, especially with us embracing minimalism recently to simplify our lives.

Times have changed

When we were younger it was normal for teens to move away to university and not return home, but its much harder now to get onto the housing market, and renting is just as expensive. Young adults are spending more years at home, saving for deposits and I’m not sure that our 3 bedroom house is big enough for 6 adults to live, especially 3 girls sharing a room.

Our little home needs some TLC

Our lovely little house that we moved into 9 years ago is starting to feel a little tired too; bigger jobs are looming on the horizon, like the windows / doors, the boiler and the roof. It feels very ‘adult’ to be thinking of getting a new roof!

Plans for a new kitchen

The kitchen is showing signs of wear and it just feels a bit grubby, and it really needs some TLC. Our plan is to start with the kitchen and give it a complete overall, including rewiring and plastering.

Its so exciting to be planning to put our mark on the kitchen. We have been looking at kitchens and tiles, paint colours and accessories. This week has mostly been spent on pinterest and Instagram, looking for ideas and inspiration.

We are trying to find the balance between a kitchen we love, and keeping to a budget, because we know we may move. We want a white/wooden minimalist kitchen, with metro tiles & spotlights.

Our electrician arrives tomorrow to replace the consumer unit, check our wiring and fit a new cooker cable. and I am really looking forward to the work starting, although I am terrified about the mess!

Planning for the future is so hard, I honestly don’t know if we will stay or move. Do you think you will move in the future?


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